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This site is dedicated to Michael Steele.  It is intended to be a collection of history and information about the music she has performed throughout her career, including information on the background or technical aspects of the songs:  influences, equipment, methods, etc - when available. In addition, it differs from other sources in addressing her entire wide-ranging musical career as opposed to being limited to one or two bands.

Due to this aim it is not intended as a fan site "per se" but as a site that expresses admiration while also serving as the first site to serve as a comprehensive online reference to a very talented musician, singer, and songwriter.

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The History and Discography sections cover the many bands and projects that Michael has worked on over the years, the Instruments detail the types of bass guitars (and guitars) that she uses, Songs covers lyrics and background information, and TAB provides guitar and (when available) bass tablature.   Stories are (eventually) intended to be fan pics and anecdotes, while Links cover the various articles/interviews, fan sites, etc that are available on the internet.
Michael Steele - musician, singer and songwriter, painter
This is an unoffical site - in no way affiliated with Michael Steele, the Bangles, nor any other band(s).


Bass TAB for "In Your Room" and "Standing in the Hallway" from  "bassm99"  (6/15/2014) and "Hazy Shade of Winter" from "Ho Shermine" (6/15/2014)

Bass TAB for "In Your Room" tabbed by Rachel (5/4/2013) - New infor on Live Sets from 1989  by
RealInspectorShane (5/4/2014)

Bass tab for Manic Monday (
12/7/2013).   Interview with Dan Navarro (6/2013) by Greg Lacour - Thanks Greg!

Numerous site updates for discography, links to youtube videos etc - thanks Dr. Shane!

Rare concert pics from 1985 concert:  "Robbie" 2/10/1985, London England -
added (January 14, 2013)

Elton Duck Fans
  Elton Duck (with Michael Steele on bass) is releasing their previously unreleased 1980 album.  Fans of Elton Duck
and Michael Steele can still get a (non-autographed copy) here:  http://www.foundation4education.org/

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As for news, or any new projects?  Well, in the word of  Alexander Dumas (Count of Monte Cristo):

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