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Runaways: Live At The Whiskey

Steele: Bass, Lead Vocals
Status: Surfaced
Source: Audience recording
Sound Quality: B
Duration: 16:06
Notes: This short August 1975 concert is notable as the earliest available live recording of the Runaways, and accordingly also of Michael. Its setlist resembles a cut-down Born To Be Bad. She also does a mean Wild Thing.

Setlist: Rock N'Roll/Thunder/American Nights/Wild Thing/Secrets

Runaways: Gold Star Demos

Date: 9/3/75
Location: Gold Star Studios, Hollywood, CA
Length: 13:33
Sound: A

Songs: 1. Rock N' Roll
       2. Secrets
       3. Thunder
       4. Yesterday's Kids
       5. You Drive Me Wild

Credits: Micki Steele: Bass, Lead Vocals
         Joan Jett: Guitar
         Sandy West: Drums

Toni and the Movers: Bitches and Bastards/Africa (1981)
Steele: Bass, backing vocals.
Status: Surfaced. 
Source: 7” single.
Sound Quality: A
Duration: 7:20

Notes: Released in late 1981, this single is one of the earlier Michael recordings currently available.  The titular Toni was Toni Childs, whose three-month imprisonment for drug possession (in addition to tensions with bandmates) ended the band in July 1981. Her vocals bear little resemblance to her later work, with Bitches and Bastards being a punk song, as opposed to her subsequent, commercially successful material. The title 'Africa' presumably bears no relation to Toto's synth rock hit, and features prominent Michael backing vocals.

According to Mark Buchholtz, this single was released under the name ‘Nadia Kapiche’ because the earlier band had been recently disbanded.

Setlist: Bitches and Bastards/Africa

Toni and the Movers: Bootlegs
Steele: Bass, backing vocals.
Status: Surfaced.
Source: Tapes.
Sound Quality: Various.
Duration: 40-50 minutes.

Notes: Despite only officially releasing a single (Bitches & Bastards/Africa), Toni & The Movers gained a reputation as a well-regarded live act in the early 1980s LA club scene. Perhaps unsurprisingly with this reputation, numerous Movers concerts were recorded, and in recent years have unofficially surfaced to help give a fuller picture of the band and their music, including several otherwise unavailable songs. Surviving tapes include four early 1981 concerts as well as the band's final gigs. (7/17 and 7/18/81.) Although earlier concerts are rumoured to have also been taped, to date these recordings have not surfaced in any substantive form.

Toni and the Movers: 6/x/81 Footage
Steele: Bass, backing vocals.
Status: Partially surfaced.
Source: Filmed by [i]New Wave Theater[/i] cameraman.
Sound Quality: A
Duration: 3:36

Notes:  In addition to audio bootlegs Toni & The Movers were briefly filmed in June 1981 playing two songs, complete with bandmembers in kilts and psychedelic visual effects. The filming was done on a soundstage in Valencia, CA, occuring because a cameraman for New Wave Theater had seen the band live and enjoyed their act enough to record it, although the results were never broadcast. Footage of the unreleased 'Something Burning' surfaced on youtube in mid-2010 before being removed in a WMG copyright claim. The live version of 'Africa' from this date remains unsurfaced and in the possession of the taper. This film is currently the earliest known live footage of Michael.

Setlist: Something Burning/Africa

1981/82: Nadia Kapiche

Steele: Bass, backing vocals
Status: Surfaced.
Source: Cassette tape > CD [Update when info is available]
Sound Quality: Varies.
Duration: 55 minutes.

Notes: An offshoot of Toni & The Movers arose in the form of Nadia Kapiche, a loose band who chiefly played improvised music at L.A-area gigs that frequently involved drummers who had been recruited only hours before. Luckily for nurds everywhere demos and some live material were preserved by (among others?) keyboard/sax player Mark Buchholtz, meaning that at least one of Michael’s obscure early 80s bands can now be heard. 

Setlist: Coal Mine (Demo) [T.Childs]/ Giants (Demo) [M.Gallo/Steve Schiff]/ Eat Garbage (Home Demo)/ Live Improv #1 (7/22/81) /Live Improv #2 (7/22/81)* /Live Improv #3 (7/21/81) /Sister Says So (improv—6/15/81) /’Something pretty and quiet…..” (7/21/81)

Tracks 1-2 recorded ‘circa early 1981’.
*Features ‘Louie Louie’.

Band credits: Tracks 1-2: Toni Childs: Vocals, Micki Steele: Bass, Vocals, Steve Schiff: Guitars, Vocals, Mark Buchholtz: Keyboards, Ed Warneckee: Drums
                       Eat Garbage: Toni Childs: Vocals, Micki: Bass, Mark: Keyboards, Steve: Guitar
                       Live tracks: Toni: Vocals, Micki: Bass, Steve Schiff: Guitar, Richard Larsen: Keyboards/Sax, Mark: Keyboards/Sax, Unknown Drummer. (Andy Robinson?)

“Titles include: Coal Mine, Giants (written by Steve Schiff and Mike Gallo ex-of 20/20), Eat Garbage (a primitive demo done in Steve's attic room in Westwood), and about an hour of live stuff, some of which is very cool (all improvisation... )” (Mark Buchholtz)

New Wave Theatre (1982/83)
Snakefinger: The Man In The Dark Sedan (New Wave Theatre) (1982/83)
Steele: Bass
Status: Surfaced.
Source: TV broadcast (Night Flight) > .mp4.
Sound Quality: B+
Duration: 4:45.
[Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YZTC0CPcGc]

Notes:  Perhaps the most prominent event of Michael’s tenure as bassist in Philip Charles Littman’s avant-garde rock group Snakefinger was an appearance on the influential early 80s music anthology show New Wave Theatre, hosted by Peter Ivers. For this gig the band played a version of the 1980 single 'The Man In The Dark Sedan', a song that remained a mainstay of Snakefinger sets throughout Littman's career. While the precise date this footage was filmed is unknown, it did not fully air on television until a 1984 episode of 'Night Flight', as suggested by references in the edited clip to Ivers' still-unsolved 1983 murder. This footage remained unseen for many years, finally surfacing online in March 2013. It is currently the only known recording of Michael playing with Snakefinger, and thus gives insight into a little-documented period of her career, besides being a cracking performance in general.  

Snakefinger Bootlegs
Steele: Bass
Status: Provisional
Source: ?
Sound Quality: ?
Duration: Varying

Notes: Several online trading lists list Snakefinger bootlegs from between 1982 and 1983, possibly during her period in the band. It is unknown if any of these actually feature Michael’s playing however. Available bootlegs from early 1982 feature George B. George on bass, narrowing down things slightly. Additionally, Erik Meade of Eyesore recalls Michael telling him that she played on an unreleased alternate version of I Love You Too Much To Respect You during her time with the band.

Apaches of Paris: (1983)
Steele: Bass, Occasional Vocals
Status: Unsurfaced
Source: ?
Sound Quality: ?
Duration: ?

Notes: Only recently rediscovered, the Apaches of Paris are the last group Michael played bass in prior to joining the Bangles, with all known information being stated by Laura Molina (http://www.mickisteele.net/laura_molina.html).  Although she did not play on the group's sole EP release Cinderella Au-Go-Go, the band's live sets were primarily made of material from this record. In addition Michael sang on a cover version of the Kinks' 1965 tune 'Til The End Of The Day'. No live recordings with Michael have presently surfaced, but the 4/24/83 gig at Elk's Club is known to have been videotaped and may still exist.

Setlist (partial): Be My Squeeze/Cinderella Au-Go-Go/I'll Never Lose This Feeling/Sometimes/Til The End of the Day (Michael vocals)

June 1983: Michael joins The Bangles.

Neighborhood Rhythms: El Pollo Loco (1984)
Steele: Spoken word.
Status: Surfaced.
Source: Neighborhood Rhythms 2LP > mp3.
Sound Quality: A.
Duration: 1:57.

Notes: Recorded as part of the sprawling 1984 compilation Neighborhood Rhythms, El Pollo Loco is unique in Michael's catalogue for being a spoken word piece. It also represents her most directly political work, addressing terror and oppression within El Salvador and elsewhere. This LP has never been re-released on CD or other formats, making it quite the rarity.

Setlist: El Pollo Loco

Bangles: I'm Not Talking (1983-2003)
Steele: Intricate bass, vocals.
Status: Surfaced.
Source: Numerous versions.
Sound Quality: Various.
Duration c.two minutes.

Notes: This rocking cover of the old Yardbirds/Moses Alison tune was a standard throughout Michael's time with the band, being debuted at her first Bangles concert in July 1983. Before her own songs were added to the set list this song marked her sole song in concerts. Was not played in 1988/89, before being revived following the band's 2000 reunion. Each version of this song is unique due to ad-libbed lyrics in the final verse, these lines ranging from insults to anti-war statements. Mysteriously edited off 2007's Return to Bangleonia DVD release.

R.E.M: (Don't Go Back To) Rockville (1985)
Steele: Backing vocals. (along with Susanna Hoffs and Peter Holsapple)
Status: Resurfaced.
Source: 1985 CMJ Music Awards [11/16/85]
Sound Quality: B
Duration: 6:40

Notes: R.E.M's performance of (Don't Go Back To) Rockville at this ceremony involved three singers providing backing vocals, only one of whom is relevant for our immediate purposes. Michael is difficult to hear on this recording, yet easier to hear than the almost inaudible Susanna Hoffs. The two Michaels (Stipe and Steele) thank one another before the song segues into a rare performance of Tired of Singing Trouble.  Fun fact: The electric portion of R.E.M’s set was cut short due to Peter Buck being pissed off at technical malfunctions.

Setlist: (Don't Go Back To) Rockville

Bangles: Following (1986)
Steele: Guitar (presumably), vocals.
Status: Unknown.
Source: Unreleased demo tapes, if we should be so lucky.
Sound Quality: N/A
Duration: ??

Notes: Very few demo recordings of Bangles songs are currently surfaced. At this point it is only possible to speculate on whether these versions exist, and there is no good reason to deny them entirely. Whether they will ever be heard is another question. This listing is accordingly a speculative one. With two takes recorded in studio, there is also a slight chance an alternate take of the Different Light version exists. (Note: It is possible that other MS songs from this period exist and remain unreleased.)

Setlist: Following (demo?)  

Bangles: Happy Man Today (1987)
Steele: Bass, vocals.
Status: Surfaced (live)
            Unsurfaced (studio)
Source: 6/3/87, 6/5/87 concerts.
Sound Quality: B+/B-
Duration: 3:00

Notes: Happy Man Today is possibly the best-known unreleased Bangles song, a sharp jangle-rocker with characteristically downbeat lyrics. Played live throughout much of 1987 (alongside early versions of Be With You, I'll Set You Free and Crash and Burn), the track was eventually recorded for Everything before being replaced (due to a three-song quota system) in favour of Glitter Years. This studio version remains unreleased, and fans to this day complain about it being unavailable. 

Setlist: Happy Man Today

Bangles: Between The Two (1987/88)
Steele: Bass, guitar (?),  vocals.
Status: Unsurfaced.
Source: Unknown.
Sound Quality: N/A
Duration: N/A

Notes: Finally recorded and released on 2003's Doll Revolution, 'Between The Two' was originally written by Michael and David White prior to the recording of Everything. Despite the song apparently being played live, no recordings currently exist. It is unknown whether this version differs from its later Crash Wisdom and Bangles incarnations.

Setlist: Between The Two (early version)

Crowded House: 4/11/87

Steele: Vocals, Bass?
Status: Unsurfaced
Source: Live recording
Sound Quality: N/A
Duration: N/A:

Setlist: I Got You/Not Fade Away/Twist & Shout etc:

This apparently unsurfaced Crowded House gig at The Palace [now known as the Avalon], CA features an extended guest appearance by Michael in the encore, as described by Patrick Goldstein in a 4/19/87 Los Angeles Times review:

“And yes--by the second encore, a resourceful fan raced out of the crowd and delivered an enormous Fatburger, prompting Hester to clear off his snare drum, spread a tablecloth and make a game attempt at devouring the whole messy concoction. The band's Saturday night show [described as ‘last weekend’, hence the 4/11/87 date] was nearly as much fun, with lots more high jinks as well as an encore guest appearance by Bangle Michael Steele, who helped the lads with an inspired version of an old Split Enz tune, "I Got You," as well as such oldies as "Not Fade Away" and "Twist & Shout."”

Crowded House: ??? (1987/88)
Steele: Backing vocals. (Alongside Susanna Hoffs)
Status: Unsurfaced.
Source: Unknown
Sound Quality: N/A
Duration: N/A

Notes: In addition to the aformentioned 4/11/87 set, Michael appeared with Crowded House at at least one other gig. A 1987/88 photo shows Michael and Sue singing with the band on an unknown song. Any information beyond this bare minimum is very difficult to find, although there is a possibility this photo was taken at the Crowded House7/17/87 Honolulu Hard Rock Cafe gig.]

Setlist: ???

Bangles: Nodding Out/Cash In On Charlie
Steele: Vocals, bass, ?
Status: Unreleased.
Source: Studio tapes?
Sound Quality: N/A
Duration: N/A

Notes: Besides the various unreleased songs listed elsewhere on this chronology, Michael has unreleased songs that no fan has heard. These are the only two where even a title (and songwriting credits) are known.

Setlist: Nodding Out/Cash In On Charlie

Solo Years (1990-1999)

Michael Steele: Solo Album (c.1990)
Steele: Bass, vocals, guitar (?)
Status: Unsurfaced.
Source: Studio tapes.
Sound Quality: N/A
Duration: N/A

Notes: In the closing days of the Bangles, Michael was offered the chance to record a solo album. This promise ended up being a lie to accelerate the release of the 'classic' Susanna Hoffs album When You're A Boy. Nevertheless, some sources mention Michael recording tracks around this time for what could have been an album. This album fell through thanks to Hoffs-sighted executives who allegedly considered a MS solo album unviable due to her being too tall and not busty enough, very important traits for a serious musician. Bastards.

Setlist: (speculative) Between The Two/Happy Man Today/Cash In On Charlie/Nodding Out/Unknown

Earthbound (1992/93)
Steele: Vocals
Status: Surfaced.
Source: MP3 > CD.
Sound Quality: A.
Duration: 3:50.

Note: A duet between Michael and Vincent Kendall for his obscure early 90s band Stikkity. Released on CD at the time but only recently discovered by nurds, this song is now the first available post-Bangles MS recording.

Continental Drifters: Guest Spots. (1992-2000)
Steele: Bass.
Status: Unsurfaced.
Source: Hopefully taped.
Sound Quality: N/A
Duration: N/A

Notes: Michael is supposed to have played as part of some early Continental Drifters gigs, before the band finalised their lineup. Despite only being an 'auxiliary Drifter', she remained on hand as the Drifters tour bassist when bass player Mark Walton was unavailable.

Posies: September Gurls @ Slim's
Steele: Bass
Status: Unsurfaced:
Source: Hopefully taped.
Sound Quality: N/A
Duration: N/A

Notes: At a 1993 Posies concert Michael played bass during 'September Gurls', as noted in a newspaper concert review: “As a special treat, the Posies played a couple of full-scale covers during the encore. They were joined by two guests: ex-Bangle Michael Steele, who brought her bass playing to Big Star's charming "September Gurls" (once covered on an album by the Bangles), and King Missile's Chris Xefos, who played bass for a climactic scramble through Cheap Trick's rousing hit "Surrender."“ [San Francisco Chronicle, 19 August 1993.] This concert is not listed on Posies trading lists, i.e. http://members.tripod.com/~redchapterjubilee/posies.html even if contemporaneous shows were taped.

JK: Besides Big Star, Cheap Trick, and Michael Steele, whom would you like to jam or collaborate with?
KS: I really want to write a song or songs for the Pretenders. I've been trying to have this come about, I even have a song I think would be perfect for Chrissie Hynde. I want to produce some bands ... that's usually fun no matter who it is. You get to see how bands work together from an insider's point of view. [1994 interview with Ken Stringfellow]

Setlist: September Gurls.

Michael Steele: Solo Sessions
Steele: Rhythm guitar, bass, vocals etc:
Status: Unsurfaced.
Source: Somewhere in MS's possession.
Source: [John Thomas]: “tjk: Who contributed the songs?

jtt: Michael had written a lot of the songs we did before we all got
together. She even had some recorded with a full band although I don't know
if she was calling it Crash Wisdom at the time. I was of the understanding
that Michael wrote or co-wrote most if not all of the original songs. “


Notes: See above quote. Michael also had a home studio at this time, making recordings very likely if inaccessible.

Setlist: [Speculative] Nickel Romeo/Between The Two/Cover Girl/Bird of Prey/R.I.P/??

5/12/94: Crash Wisdom:
Steele: Rhythm guitar, vocals.
Status: Surfaced.
Source: Whisper Words of Wisdom
Sound Quality: B?
Duration: 42:41

Notes: Although other concerts were played, this May 1994 concert is the first recorded Crash Wisdom set. Indeed, the band is introduced as 'Michael Steele' rather than their later name. This status means that this set boasts the earliest known versions of Nickel Romeo and Between The Two, songs that would later be reworked into Bangles numbers. Vicki Peterson features on backing vocals for R.I.P. This concert is the only known appearance of Cover Girl.

Setlist: Theme From An Imaginary Western (Bruce) /Nickel Romeo/North Star Grassman and the Ravens (Denny) /Bird of Prey/R.I.P/Between The Two/Sins of the Family (Sloan) /I Don't Want To Say Goodbye/Cover Girl

6/02/94: Crash Wisdom
Steele: Rhythm guitar, vocals.
Status: Surfaced.
Source: Whisper Words of Wisdom
Sound Quality: B+?
Duration: 41:30

Notes: Nickel Romeo includes a short 'Sympathy for the Devil' tease. This concert is also the only known appearance of The World You Leave Behind, yet another of Michael's upbeat tunes. I Don't Want To Say Goodbye has slightly modified lyrics from its 5/12 appearance, suggesting that the song was still being rewritten at this point.

Setlist: Theme From An Imaginary Western/Nickel Romeo/North Star Grassman and the Ravens/Bird of Prey/R.I.P/Between The Two/Sins of the Family/I Don't Want To Say Goodbye/The World You Leave Behind.

??/??/94: Byrds Tribute
Steele: Bass(?), vocals (?)
Status: Unsurfaced, if recorded.
Source: Hypothetical.
Sound Quality: N/A
Duration: N/A

Notes: Michael played two songs (along with Vicki Peterson) at a Los Angeles Byrds tribute in 1994. No other information is currently known.

Setlist: Byrds Song #1/Byrds Song #2

Steele: Bass
Status: Unsurfaced [not recorded]
Source: Demo tapes/live recordings
Sound Quality: N/A
Duration: N/A

Notes: Following a lineup change, Michael asked to play bass in Michelle Muldrow's San Francisco based band Eyesore, and was almost immediately accepted before the band played an array of SF gigs. Unfortunately, the band broke up before any official recordings could be released. At this point, the only existing Eyesore audio is a three song session that dates from prior to Michael joining the group, which nonetheless highlights their sound and the fact that rumours about Eyesore sounding 'Goth' were wildly inaccurate.

(Partial?) Setlist:  Bourbon/Turn The Page/Butcher

Ty Tabor: Studio Demos
Steele: Bass, vocals (?)
Status: Unsurfaced
Source: Unreleased demo tapes
Sound Quality: N/A
Duration: N/A

Notes: During 1997 Michael recorded two tracks with King's X guitarist Ty Tabor, with very little detail being known about these tracks. A planned collaborative album between the two (in which the two were to play all instruments and write very loosely*) fell through due to MS’s father falling ill, and Ty eventually played all instruments on what would become the mysteriously titled Naomi's Solar Pumpkin. This process also involved overdubbing MS’s couple of bass parts, though it is possible that undubbed versions exist.

Setlist: ???/??? (two songs from Naomi’s Solar Pumpkin)

*: Additional info from G.Newsom.

Michael Steele: More Home Recordings

Steele: Bass, guitar, vocals etc:
Status: Unsurfaced
Source: Unreleased demo tapes---as usual.
Sound Quality: N/A
Duration: N/A

Notes: According to a 1997 interview with Eyesore member Michelle Muldrow, Michael was recording songs for a solo album as of June 1997. These recordings remain unreleased, and may consist of unknown songs.

Setlist: (Possibilities) Bird of Prey/R.I.P/World You Leave Behind/Cover Girl/I Don't Want To Say Goodbye/Nickel Romeo/Between The Two/Song For A Good Son/Happy Man Today/Nodding Out/Cash In On Charlie/Unknown (unreleased songs or covers)

11/23/98 Sandy Denny Tribute
Steele: Vocals.
Status: Surfaced
Source: Radio Broadcast > Listen Listen
Sound Quality: A
Duration:  12 min (Steele tracks)

Notes: This all-star tribute to the brilliant Sandy Denny involved many musicians (from Mike Mills to Susan Cowsill) performing Denny tunes, with musical backing from the Continental Drifters. Michael was one of the few musicians to perform two songs, firstly reviving her version of North Star Grassman and the Ravens from Crash Wisdom days before later covering the eight-minute epic 'Banks of the Nile'. This concert is the only known performance of the latter song.

Setlist: North Star Grassman and the Ravens/Banks of the Nile

Bangles: September Gurls (Live)

Steele: Bass, vocals, lyric alterations
Status: Surfaced
Source: Numerous concerts. (i.e. 9/23/00 HOB concert)
Sound Quality: Varies.
Duration: Ditto.

Notes: Michael's cover of Big Star's 'September Gurls' remained a constant in concert performances from 1986 to 2003. While the musical arrangement remained relatively similar during this time, some later performances of the song feature changed lyrics. Ironically, these lyrics are actually the song's original lyrics, its 'when she makes love to me' (and several other lines) being changed for the Different Light version in order to avoid offended mid 80s mainstream sensibilities with the fact that the love being sung about may not be heterosexual. Unpredictably, only some post-reunion concerts feature these altered lyrics.

Setlist: September Gurls (live)

Bangles: Between The Two (Demo)
Steele: Bass, vocals, guitar
Status: Unsurfaced
Source: 'Tsunami' Demo Tape
Sound Quality: N/A
Duration: N/A

Notes: “"Demos of potential songs were evidently recorded during several sessions beginning shortly after the reunion announcement in 2000. Demo CDs bearing the Tsunami label (Bangles' management) surfaced on the internet containing early versions of The Rain Song, Between The Two, I Will Take Care Of You, Here Right Now, Stealing Rosemary, Get The Girl, and Something That You Said---the same new songs they were performing in concert."” Given that nobody has heard (or claims to have heard) said tapes, it is also possible that this disc merely consists of live versions.

Setlist: Between The Two

Bangles: Following (Live)
Steele: Guitar, vocals
Status: Surfaced
Source: 2001 concerts. (Shepherd's Bush, ,)
Sound Quality: B+
Duration: 3:00

Notes: Never played live in the 1980s, the Different Light standout 'Following' finally appeared in concert setlists in 2001. Believed to have only been played three times before again disappearing from concert, this live arrangement differs from the album with a modified guitar part. Nonetheless, it retains its intensity. The London version adds the ‘You Really Got Me’ riff beforehand for no particular reason.

Setlist: Following (live)

Bangles:Nickel Romeo (Live)

Steele: Bass, vocals.
Status: Surfaced.
Source: 10/17/03 concert.
Sound Quality: B
Duration: 5:20

Notes: While Song For A Good Son was never played live at all, Michael's Nickel Romeo was only played rarely, coming into the Bangles setlist for a brief period in late 2003. Due to the layered instrumentation of the studio version, this live version was played in a slightly different arrangement, with Michael's bass remaining prominent. A live performance [10/17/03] surfaced in 2012, and may be heard at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9KDrLyshh0

Setlist: Nickel Romeo (live)

Michael Steele/Bangles: Song For A Good Son (Demo/Live)
Steele: Bass, guitar, vocals.
Status: Unknown.
Source: Home tapes or future concerts.
Sound Quality: N/A
Duration: N/A

Notes: One of the few songs on Doll Revolution that didn't exist in an earlier version, Song For A Good Son was never played live for various reasons. Despite this status, it is possible that demo or alternate versions were recorded, even if almost no information has come to surface about these. In other words, don't expect it to surface any time soon, unless we're very lucky.

Setlist: Song For A Good Son

Michael Steele: Solo Demos
Steele: Guitar, bass, vocals.
Status: Unknown.
Source: Home tapes or future releases.
Sound Quality: N/A
Duration: N/A

Notes: Save for very brief references [Such as an April 2004 mention that MS was apparently interested in releasing recordings on an indie label], no one knows if Michael is still recording music (the music nerd community hopes so) or has other things to do. Either way, the possibility of further recordings can't be ruled out entirely. Don't bet on hearing these songs (if they exist) anytime soon though.

Setlist: ???/

Michael Steele
Note: An April 1987 Crowded House concert review [‘Pop Eye’, Los Angeles Times, 4/19/87] mentions Michael joining the band during the encore, without Sue present. This means there are at least two CH/MS gigs which may or may not have been taped.
Eyesore:  Michael Steele on bass, Erik Meade (Jackson Saints guitarist) on guitar, Jon Silk on drums and Michelle on vocals

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